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Caught on tape: UPS guy steals homeowner’s FedEx package

Caught on tape: UPS guy steals homeowner’s FedEx package

Kali McCarthy

December 23rd, 2012


Al Alverson is a family man from Texas. Three years ago everybody laughed when he mounted a camera outside is front door. But after some time the results showed that it was worth it. Al was able to record a UPS delivery man stealing a package left some hours before by FedEx. At first he called the customer service to see if they knew something but it wasn’t very helpful as he said. Then he discovered the truth after checking the recordings. The man stole the box containing Al’s daughter’s Christmas present: an iPad mini. The delivery man was a temporary holiday worker for UPS, not a driver, spokeswoman Natalie Godwin said. He was fired and arrested, though he has since been released from custody. UPS replaced the stolen item and “the homeowner is satisfied,” Godwin said and also assured that “Every person hired by UPS receives a criminal background check,”. This is a very busy time of the year for delivery companies such as UPS that have to ship more that 135 million packages and it’s not rare to hear about thefts of packages, especially when it’s time for presents. That’s the reason why the Santa Barbara Police Department issued an advisory in which they told the residents to: “remain vigilant and report suspicious activity” and also use online tracking services when they’re available.


[source : latimes.com]

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