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Dying girl now cancer-free after ‘breakthrough’ AIDS virus experiment

Dying girl now cancer-free after ‘breakthrough’ AIDS virus experiment

Kali McCarthy

December 11th, 2012


When there is no hope, there are experiment treatments that may do wonders. Similar miracle happened with a 6 year old Pennsylvania girl Emma Whitehead who crawled back to life after suffering from a devastating life threatening cancer. Her parents made a brave decision while choosing experimental treatment which many researchers have been working on for quite a few years. The treatment revolves around a simple theory where the human immune system is reprogrammed by HIV virus; this process kills the harmful cancer cells and though this experiment has shown mixed results, but since this treatment was used first time on a child researchers believe it to be a breakthrough that would change the leukemia treatment once and for all. With a further study any such complications in this treatment can be resolved; it’s quite amazing how a dreadful disease like AIDS would help in the treatment of Cancer, but in the world of today where everything is possible one has to praise the researchers that introduced this unique and effective treatment that would save millions of lives in the near future.

[source : nytimes.com]

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