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Kanye West Snaps on Sway in the Morning! [Parody Video]

Kanye West Snaps on Sway in the Morning! [Parody Video]

Kali McCarthy

December 5th, 2013


Original Video: http://yardienews.com/kanye-west-losing-it-on-the-sway-show-video/

Kanye West Snaps on Sway in the Morning!

If you haven’t watched the original video please do check it out to understand this Kanye West and Sway parody!

Kanye ParodyIn the original video Kanye west is being interviewed on Sway in The Morning. Sway and Kanye West go back and forth. Kanye West tells sway that he’s frustrated because large companies won’t let Kanye West create even though Kanye West knows he is very creative and powerful. Sway gives Kanye West a suggestion to do it all himself and then Kanye West goes off. Kanye West repeats “you don’t have the answers Sway!” and it kept going on from there. Kanye West continues to yell at Sway while Sway tries to take control of the situation and calm Kanye West down. Kanye West continues to go off regardless of what Sway says. Kanye West proceeds to embarrass Sway after Sway brings up his clothing brands that he was working on. Sway shows frustration in his face while Kanye West continues to shout. Sway eventually calms Kanye West down and then Sway and Kanye West hug and make up. Enjoy the parody titled, ” Kanye West Snaps on Sway in The Morning”

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